Green Day's new album Saviors comes out January 19, but fans will be able to hear it early at an upcoming Global Listening Event!

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Green Day to Hold Global Listening Event for Saviors

The events will happen starting January 13th at more than 200 independent record stores around the world - and five here in Michigan.

You'll be able to not only listen to Saviors early, but there will be giveaways and you can pre-order the album.

Green Day's New Album Saviors

Green Day's new album is being called one of the most anticipated albums of 2024.

In a statement, Green Day said,

Saviors is an invitation into Green Day’s brain, their collective spirit as a band, and an understanding of friendship, culture and legacy of the last 30 plus years.

It's raw and emotional. Funny and disturbing. It’s a laugh at the pain, weep in the happiness kind of record. Honesty and vulnerability. What is Saviors about, you ask? Power pop, punk, rock, indie triumph. disease, war, inequality, influencers, yoga retreats, alt right, dating apps, masks, MENTAL HEALTH, climate change, oligarchs, social media division, free weed, fentanyl, fragility...

What would Andy Warhol do? What would John Waters do? What would Quentin Tarantino do? What would GREEN DAY do?

Listen to Green Day's New Album Early at These Michigan Record Stores

Green Day's Saviors Global Listening Events at record stores in Michigan January 13th:

  • Dearborn Music, Farmington, 4p.m.
  • Electric Crown Records, Grand Blanc, 1p.m.
  • The Record Lounge, Lansing, 1p.m.
  • The Detroit Record Club, Royal Oak, 3p.m.
  • Audio Gazing, Saginaw, 1p.m.

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