A couple weeks ago, Digital Queen Wendy was in Chicago with some friends, and they stopped into the Museum of Science and Industry. While there, Wendy learned about Astronaut Ice Cream. Freeze-dried ice cream they eat in space. She'd never had any, so she bought some to bring back, that we could all try together!

She brought back, Neopolitan, Mint Chocolate Chip, and a Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sandwich for us to check out. The package has five stars, but we're not sure that's a real rating, or just artwork.

When you open the package, it's a surprisingly dry, hard thing. It looks like it's chalk with some coloring on it, and tends to break apart pretty easily. We got dust and crumbs EVERYWHERE in the studio, so be careful when you open and eat this stuff.

It's interesting stuff to eat. It's sort of like eating the marshmallows from the breakfast cereals kids love, and it sort of leaves a weird film all over your mouth that is odd. You really can tell what the flavors are, but the texture of the food is really weird.

If you have the option to run to the store for fresh ice cream, there would be no reason to eat this, but if you're in space, you get the idea of ice cream, without the melty bits.

Could NASA come up with something better and more "ice creamy"? Probably...but how much better will it be possible to make it? It's not horrible, but it's not something most of us would ever choose to eat.

You feel a little for our people in space, especially how much this stuff explodes when you try to eat it!

If you want to try some, you can get it online at Astronaut Foods.

Next time we do a sciency food-tasting, we will do MREs...hopefully some from around the world! And since this is our first sciency video, we shot it in glorious 4K resolution, so you can see all the dust and crumbs exploding everywhere! Enjoy.