Mastodon's new album "The Emperor of Sand" comes out March 31. From that, they've released the single "Show Yourself". GRD debuted it, wanting to hear what people think.

Check out some reactions and listen to "Show Yourself" and let us know your opinion.

Mastodon told Rolling Stone the album was inspired by seeing  friends and family members diagnosed with cancer in the past few years. Drummer, singer, and lyricist Brann Dailor said,

"Time is a very big theme of the album. How much time do we have left? What are we doing with our time...At the end of the story, the person simultaneously dies and is saved. It's about going through cancer, going through chemotherapy and all the things associated with that. I didn't want to be literal about it. But it's all in there. You can read between the lines."

Here are some GRD listeners’ thoughts on “Show Yourself.” What do you think of it? Check it out and take the poll below!

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