With their countdown clocks and other mysterious online hints, Foo Fighters like to keep us guessing. This time they've surprised us by dropping a new song and video this morning!

GRD debuted the brand new song "Run", wanting to hear what people think. Check out the song for yourself and hear what people had to say about new Foos.

Earlier this year, Bottle Rock Festival Organizer Dave Graham announced the Foo Fighters were headlining the festival and also told the Napa Valley Register that the band was working on a new album,

"The Foo Fighters are in the studio all next year recording a new album and Bottle Rock may be their only show in 2017 in North America.”

In March, guitarist Chris Shiflett shared with NME that progress on the new album was slow and that Foo Fighters had  yet to enter the studio,

“I don’t know what our plans are, but we’ll make a new album when the time is right.There will be a new Foo Fighters at some point.”

But, yet now here we are with this new Foo Fighter's song and video! So we know at least some progress has been made. Last month, some of the members of the band debuted another new song called "The Sky Is a Neighborhood" at the Acoustic-4-a-Cure IV benefit concert in San Francisco.

Here are some GRD listeners’ thoughts on "Run”. What do you think of it? Check it out and take the poll below

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