Today on Segment 16, the guys talk about this Saturday's .1K race, that benefits Duchenne research. Get signed up and help out. It's fun, and you can "hydrate" before and after the run. Heck, you can begin "hydrating" the night before when you pick up your runner package!

Every year, this race happens downtown. It begins on one side of the BOB, and ends on the other. After you recover from the exhaustion from the run, you can rehydrate with great hydration specials at the BOB.

Heck you can enjoy some "hydration" before the run even begins!

Get hydrated, and help support Duchenne's research with the great event on Saturday.

And of course, there's an after party, with live music, and a cool Iron Chef-style competition to whip up some amazing pasta dishes! Hey, you need carbs after a run, everyone knows THAT!