The Insane Inflatables 5K is this Saturday at Millenium Park, and it's a lot of fun for people who run, and for people who don't! Last year, Wendy and I, two of the least athletic people we know, tried the course. It was fun, and we actually did it!

We went the wrong way, though, because DJs shouldn't be allowed to do things unsupervised.

We not only made it through, but we filmed and photographed our way through it, just to make it more challenging?

It's a LOT of fun, and this year, there are some new obstacles to conquer, so make sure you get out there and run the course. It's a blast, and pretty much anyone can do it!

If you're taller than three-foot-six-inches, you'll have no problems, and tons of fun at the Insane Inflatables 5K! You can enter solo and run with a bunch of new friends, or bring a whole team and conquer the obstacles together!

Moving is good. At least that's what people tell me, haha!

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