Chevelle has released a new song! GRD debuted “Joyride/ (Omen)” on the Liquid Lunch today, wanting to know what GRD listeners think.

Check out their reactions, then listen to “Joyride/ (Omen)” and let us know your thoughts!

“Joyride/ (Omen)” is the first single from Chevelle's upcoming 8th album, The North Corridor, out July 8.  It’s the follow up to 2014's La Gorgola.

You can pre-order the new album here, and  get an instant download of  “Joyride/ (Omen)”.

Here's what some GRD listeners think of the new song. What's your opinion of "Joyride/ Omen"? Check it out above then take the poll and let us know!

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