Chevelle hit Grand Rapids on Friday night, May 15th, with The Used, and Marmozets, and packed The Orbit Room! The evening started off at 5:30, with several GRD winners getting in early and meeting Chevelle for autographs and pictures!

Then, Marmozets hit the stage to warm up the crowd for Chevelle to turn things up at The Orbit Room.

Chevelle hit the stage with 'Ouija Board', and then launched right into 'Face to the Floor', and the crowd went nuts. Everyone was cheering and singing along to all the songs, and there was a really cool part of the show where Pete, alone on stage, began 'The Red' with just his guitar and the crowd singing the first half of the song, before the rest of the band came back out to join in. A really cool moment, with the crowd singing all the words with him.

Chevelle powered through a great set, and wrapped up the night with everyone ready for The Used. Check out the pics of the meet with winners, and the show.

If you missed the show, enjoy these videos, and make sure to come out the next time Chevelle comes to town!

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