GRD debuted the new Adelita's Way song  "Bad Reputation" on the Liquid Lunch today!

We wanted to know what GRD listeners think of Adelita's Way's latest single. Check out their reactions and listen to the song and let us know your opinion of "Bad Reputation."

"Bad Reputation" will be on Adelita's 4th full-length album, Getaway, out this Friday.

Frontman Rick DeJesus told I'm Music Magazine picking "Bad Reputation" as the first single was an easy choice:

It was a no-brainer for me; when I heard it I knew it could do something great to lead the way."


DeJesus talked about the album and the title track "Getaway":

...“Getaway” is a track on the record and I really like it; one of the reasons that I named the album Getaway is because when I talk to people, they tell me that our music helps them escape or that they put our music on to help them escape things in life. In my instance, I was really picturing Grand Theft Auto and maybe I just robbed a bank and was in a car doing hundred and 120, I don’t know.... I think the album can be taken many different ways by what “Getaway” means.

Here's what some GRD listener's think of the new song "Bad Reputation". How do you feel about it? Have a listen then take the poll and let us know!