Five Finger Death Punch have released a new single. GRD debuted "I Apologize", wanting to hear what listeners think.

Check out their reactions and listen to the song and let us know your opinion of "I Apologize".

It's the fourth single from the band's album, Got Your Six, out in September 2015.

In a statement on the band's website, 5FDP says of the video for "I Apologize"

The video is a dark somber metaphor that speaks for itself. I don’t think we need a parallel narrative to explain it or emphasize its impact as almost everyone knows someone struggling with some form of addiction. It’s real for everybody. We have even been losing exceptionally bright, talented people who you’d assume know better. No matter how much support you provide, ultimately it’s everyone’s own decision to face their demons or perish."

Here's what some GRD listener's think of the new song "I Apologize". How do you feel about it? Have a listen then take the poll and let us know!