Prom can be expensive! One enterprising young man at Grandville High School is using his drawing talent to help get he and his friends to the big dance this weekend. 

Allan Milton is an 18-year-old senior at Grandville High School who has autism.

Fox 17 reports that Allan has been using his lunch hour to make drawings of his classmates and putting the donations toward going to prom.

Teacher Dan Jakubowski told Fox 17,

"He loved to doodle, and he loved to draw on the board, and we noticed it was pretty good. We thought, 'This is great,' and whenever we had kids come into the room -- because we have some general education kids come in our room and help out -- he would draw them, and the kids were just ecstatic. They just loved it."

The idea was born to accept donations for the artwork to help Allan go to prom. He soon raised enough money for the $40 ticket. Allan then went on to raise money for the other guys in his class, for prom tickets and tuxedo rentals.

Mr. Jakubowski shared,

"We have five seniors, and all five of the kids can go to prom this year. I can't wait to see them in their tuxes. They went to Men's Warehouse to try them on, and they looked great...


I think it makes Allan feel really good about this talent that he has and it validates him as an artist. As you can see, they love Allan, being with Allan, and his personality."

Recently Allan was voted most artistic in the senior class. He'll attend prom with his date on Saturday.

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