The AAU basketball tournament has been a staple the past 13 years in Grand Rapids, Mich., but not this year.

According to FOX 17, the director of the Grand Rapids Storm Jason Martin said, "it was a tough call, we waited as long as we possibly could."

The pandemic is wreaking havoc on sports in Michigan from professional to the local school and everything in between.

We are not in the right phase of the reopening to have a basketball tournament at this time so the event will now take place in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

This event was not only great for the kids that played in the tournament, but because families came from all around to be a part of it, this was an economical boost for the local economy which is about a million and a half dollars.

The event was capped at 200 teams that were going to play this year ranging from fourth grade to high school.

The original plan was to only allow 250 people in each gym in order to follow safe guidelines to keep the tourney rolling. Everyone in the building would be wearing masks other than the players. That includes coaches, refs and fans.

Its unfortunate the West Michigan area will loose the revenue, especially with the economy already being hit hard due to COVID-19, but Michigan has been one of the problem states during this pandemic.

The good thing for the kids who will be in the tournament, they will get to show off their skills and get to play regardless. The games will happen beginning Thursday in Fort Wayne, Ind.

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