A response to a Reddit thread posted to r/AskAnAmerican might just be the perfect description of Grand Rapids. It also offers a very unique perspective of the area from a resident who moved here 4 years ago from North Carolina.

The objective for the community of r/AskAnAmerican is quite simple:"Learn about America, straight from the mouth of Americans." About a year ago, a question was posted asking simply, "What is Grand Rapids, MI like?" and the top response is not only hilarious, but also EXTREMELY accurate.

The username of the commentor has been hidden due to it being NSFW but you can check out the original post if want here. The post began with some pompous knuckle cracking followed by the less-than-attractive things about GR. Traffic, winters and the infamous Michigan left. However it must be noted, their opinion of the food here is VERY WRONG!

Via r/AskAnAmerican


Then the user then speaks about what they have fallen in love with about Grand Rapids. This is also bound to strike a chord with anyone living in the area.

Via r/AskAnAmerican

On top of that,  there are also a ton of hilarious comments on the since archived thread. Some who think Michigan gets to 100 degrees in the summer and stays there for weeks, others commenting on our lack of environmental resilience.

What do you think, is this an accurate description of GR? What would you add, what would you leave out?