Don't judge me, but as a West Michigander, I'm really not all that familiar with Coney Dogs.

It was only recently I learned Coney Dogs were even a Michigan "thing". It kinda seemed to me Coney Island Hot Dogs were more prevalent on the other side of the state-- big in Flint and originating in either Jackson or Detroit, depending on who you ask...

That's why this honor is all the more impressive! The One Stop Coney Shop in Grand Rapids is being praised for having the No. 1 Coney Dog in Michigan!

Writer Serena Maria Daniels complied a list for of the Top 10 Restaurants with the best Coney Island Dogs in Michigan.

Daniels writes,

The Coney Island is arguably the one food that defines Michigan’s regional cuisine. Arguably, because we’re a huge state and depending on where you live, the Coney is either the ultimate in comfort food, or it’s just a chili dog. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, the loyalty for the Michigan Coney runs deep."

Daniels picked the One Stop Coney Shop on Fulton Street downtown Grand Rapids as top dog! (Get it? Couldn't help myself...) She says,

This one we'll say is the most unabashed on the list to stray from the rules. Featuring Flint dogs, Chicago dogs, GR dogs, ones loaded with grated cheddar. And others with bacon and ranch. One Stop takes the Coney and turns it on its West Michigan head."

According to the One Stop Coney Shop's website, the restaurant serves hot dogs from Koegel Meats in Flint. The restaurant posted to Facebook,

A lot of places we admire are on the list, so we are honored to be at the top of the stack. And thanks to our customers who make it possible for us to make our product the best!"


Here's the rest of best Coney Dogs in Michigan, according to

1. One Stop Coney Shop, Grand Rapids
2. Coney Island Hot Dogs, Kalamazoo
3. G&L, Muskegon, Multiple locations
4. Virginia Coney Island, Jackson
5. Jackson Coney Island, Jackson
6. Starlite Diner and Coney Island, Flint
7. Angelo's Coney Island, Flint
8. American Coney Island, Detroit
9. Lafayette Coney Island, Detroit
10. Duly's, Detroit

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