Grand Rapids Michigan native and astronaut is now in space for the next 11 months and she just gave Michigan the ultimate shout out.

According to WOOD, NASA astronaut Christina Koch is living her dream of being in space. Koch has trained for years for this opportunity and to make it a little sweeter, after she completes her mission, she will hold the record for the longest time in space for a woman.

While Koch has been airborne since March on the space station and while orbiting by Michigan and the Great Lakes, she did some photo work and posted a pretty awesome photo of them on Twitter. Its just a beautiful photo where you can clearly see Houghton Lake, the Leelenau Peninsula and the Straits of Mackinac. If you look closely to the far right, you can even see good ol' Grand Rapids.

Koch tweeted the message, "Waving to the mitten! The Great Lakes are as stunning from space as they are in person."

Koch is an electrical engineer on the International Space station and in the photo you can actually see the arm that is coming off the space station.

Koch was originally born in Grand Rapids and did move from the state as a young child but did visit every summer to help out her extended family at their farm and fruit market that is located in Comstock Park.


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