Sounds like some "madness" did go down at the race...

Wood TV 8 reports that the "Margarita Madness 5K" at Riverside Park was shut down and two people associated with the event were arrested.

According to the event's website, "The Margarita Madness 5K is a unique night 5K fun run focused less on speed and more on Margarita fun with friends and family." Participants were supposed to receive a Margarita Madness 5K Run Margarita at the finish line and then celebrate at an after party.

Grand Rapids Police Sgt. Dan Adams told Wood TV 8 that organizers had been denied a liquor license by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission. Officers then shut down the event when they learned alcohol was being illegally served and sold.

GRPD allowed runners to finish the race, but then shut things down when the after party started.

According to Wood TV 8, the Margarita Madness 5K has received an F rating from the Better Business Bureau, who have gotten 44 complaints about the event.

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