Height: 5'9"
Weight: 120
Eyes: green
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Favorite Food: HOTWINGS! I grew up a tomboy, best thing in the world to go with a boxing match or football game are hotwings. Hot BBQ, YUM!
Favorite Michigan Sports Team: Coming from a Hockey Family, hands down the Redwings. Unfortunately however I can only watch them from a distance, every-time I see a live game they lose!
Favorite Movie: Fight Club!
Go-to karaoke song: Oh boy.... they one thing Courtney doesn't do: Sing! haha but It would probably be Something by Pink Floyd or Queen.
First Job: Basket Ball Ref
Piercings/Tattoos (How many? Where?): No tattoos, Ears are pierced.
Other fun facts:
-Im the girliest tomboy you'll ever meet.
-Im spontaneous and talk... a lot.
-Don't let my figure fool you, I can eat a full pizza to myself in one sitting.
-Huge Daddies girl.
What's the most memorable pick up line you've ever heard?: It actually comes from my Boyfriend (sitting at a bar) "Hey wanna make-out." Although this isn't how we met, or how we became boyfriend/girlfriend. ;)
Profession & Accomplishments :
I'm a Photographer, Model & Designer.
- I keep very busy! I mainly travel Michigan for both commercial modeling, and photography bookings, while maintaining an online jewelry store, with Jewelry I craft.
It is no surprise I do so much, as I have always been a driven and ambitious goal reacher--even from a young age. I started out actually wanting to be a radio host at 15. My father and I worked together on a Podcast called "podprincess" with my alter ego Kristina Summerfrost. and was featured on the homepage of Itunes.
I've also always been very athletic as well, in competition I was the best rock climber in the state of Michigan, 3rd in the Midwest. I have both the Jr. High and Highschool pole-vaulting records. I also snowboarded, ran cross country, played basketball, volleyball, and did so much more! I volunteer my time as an instructor with my rockclimbing gym and also am deeply involved in Special Olympics.