Heads up, crazy pet people! Your days of simply welcoming every stray into your home could be coming to a close. The city is looking to place a cap on the number of pets you can have in your home.

No longer will your home borders be open to all those poor, tired, huddled animals, yearning to be domesticated. Commissioners are considering the number of pets per household to three dogs and three cats.

Because other towns in Michigan have regulations on the number of pets, Grand Rapids has decided we have to have one, too.

This isn't considered a rampant problem, but because people in government can't allow anything to go unregulated, they've decided to tackle this non-problem before it can continue to bother no one.

So soon, you could have the pet police busting through your door to take those little furry beasties who are currently enjoying asylum on your private property.

No birds, lizards, or other strange animals will be tolerated by order of Joe.

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