There are high tech dog houses coming to Grand Rapids Michigan so you have a place to put your dog while you run errands.

You see a lot of people downtown Grand Rapids walking their dogs, but most businesses won't allow you to bring them inside if you need to do some shopping or grab something to eat. WOOD-TV 8 reports that there is a solution based out of New York that is coming to save the day.

DogSpot, is a climate-controlled doghouse that you control and pay for with an app on your phone. DogSpot will allow a safe, comfortable to place to put your dog while you need to run into a business.

The app is pretty slick, it is set up to unlock a house, lock the dog inside and there is a webcam set up so you can peek in on your dog right from your phone. It doesn't matter what time of year it is because the houses are climate-controlled so its never too hot or too cold. If either shut down, you will get an alert sent straight to your phone. In case your phone won't unlock your dog, there is a physical key for a backup plan.

So if you like to walk your dog in down town Grand Rapids, two DogSpots will be installed at the Bridge Street Market by the end of the month. The fee is only 30 cents per minute.

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