The Grand Rapids Symphony has been performing some great concerts with their Symphonic Boom Series. I checked out PLAY! A video game symphony earlier this year, and was incredibly impressed! My favorite parts of that performance were by far the Legend of Zelda when I heard they were dedicating an ENTIRE NIGHT to Zelda, I had to check it out!

Legend Of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses performed this past Saturday at the DeVos Performance hall. It was an ENTIRELY SOLD OUT performance! Which was great to see so many people excited to listen to music that you never hear on normal radio. LOZ has always had some of the most recognizable music in all of video games, thus hearing these great songs performed by an amazing Symphony was, would you say, "Music to my ears?" (ha ha ha....yea, that was lame).

When I first walked in, I saw people dressed up in some really accurate cosplay like Link, Sheik, Zelda, even Epona! I brought my Nintendo 3DS for the possibility of getting some street passes...I was SWARMED with people with 3DS'! Pretty sure I grabbed at least 27 different Puzzle Pieces (my wife thought I was such a nerd...but she digs me) How about the show though?

MIND BLOWING! I have been listening to LOZ music since I could walk. I remember popping that gold NES cartridge into my NES and being immersed in the amazing and mystical land of Hyrule. I felt the same way that night when they played the Intro (which you can see below performed at E3)...a medley of some the most recognizable themes in video game history...PERFECTLY synched to a HUGE screen showing screens of the game they were performing from. It sent chills down my arms of excitement, because the music I was only used to in  8-Bit chip tunes just sounded amazing.

My favorite part of the night is when they performed a movement from LOZ; Ocarina of Time, which has some of my favorite music from the games. Hearing "Saria's Song" performed live was really cool, I felt like I was actually lost in the Lost Woods. They also performed music from Link's Awakening, Link to the Past, Oracle of Seasons and more. They also reserved a whole movement dedicated to the songs of the "Dungeons."

Watching the video's on the screen only brought the experience more to life. It gave you a perfect visual and immersed you more into the world that is the Legend of Zelda. This was seriously a concert you should not have missed. They closed out the night with 2 special songs from Link's Awakening, and then a movement from a cult classic Zelda title, Majora's Mask.

The night was something I will not forget. PLAY! A Video Game Symphony was amazing, but LOZ: Symphony of the Goddesses just blew me out of the water. Everyone was great, the symphony and choir were perfect, and the crowd was ecstatic to hear some of their favorite tunes that we all grew up with live.

Congrats GR Symphony on another amazing night! (Please do more video game nights!)