You've had a rough day, and on the way home you decide you'll stop for some pizza because you don't want to cook, only to find out, neither does the staff at the pizza joint.

That's exactly what happened to a person who posted to the Grand Rapids subreddit Monday.

The guy walked up to get a pizza in Wayland, only to find a sign, written ironically on a job application, declaring that the entire staff had quit.

Lots of restaurants in the area are looking for help as West Michigan slowly emerges from the covid lockdowns, so food jobs are at a premium. The lesson here may be you need to treat folks well, or they'll leave. All at once, apparently.

To be fair, we have no idea what caused this closure, I only know I've seen a lot of near mutinies at fast food places in my time, including where four people walked out during lunch rush at a Mickey D's, leaving me without my cheeseburger value meal.

It's a bummer.

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