There's been talk among the rumor mill but now Governor Whitmer has admitted she's had conversations with Joe Biden's campaign regarding a Vice President role.

Whitmer appeared on NBC's 3rd Hour of TODAY on Tuesday morning where she was asked by the anchor if she was being vetted for the position and she said she's "had a conversation with some folks" but her main focus right now is Michigan and getting the state through the crisis.

According to Whitmer the "opening conversation" about VP isn't anything to be considered formal or official. She did say, though, that she's made some "time to stay connected to the campaign."

This interview comes a day after Governor Whitmer appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Meyers himself brought up the topic of vice presidency but assumed she wasn't allowed to speak on it so instead asked Whitmer on how the Democrats can win Michigan in November's election. During the interview, Meyers even gives the seal of approval on Whitmer's choice to send Bell's beer to Cecily Strong of SNL. You can watch that interview here.

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