What to do with all the stuff you gathered while spring cleaning the house? Goodwill has an idea as they re-open their drive-thru drop off locations.

According to WOOD-TV8, while many people who have been abiding by the Michigan's stay at home order, have done some massive spring cleaning but need a place to get rid of their unused goods.

Goodwill has reopened their drive-thru donation locations but they do have some stipulations on how they want you to bring your donations.

  • Clean your items before packing them.
  • Please box or bag your donations to help Goodwill with their social distancing guidelines for their staff and customers.
  • Goodwill is also setting up some bins to allow you to drop off clothes in one bin or other items in labeled bins for ease of drop offs.
  • For now you will be the one dropping off and putting your goods in the bins but again this is all for safety.

Over the next two weeks, nineteen Goodwill drive-thru donation locations will be back in operation so check their Facebook pages for the store nearest you. You can find the Goodwill Industries of West Michigan here. Find Goodwill of Greater Grand Rapids here.

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