Social media has become hit or miss over the last several years since it's really become popular. Some people hate it and find it toxic, while others find it to be a fun or useful tool. Godsmack frontman Sully Erna has posted on his personal Instagram for the first time in several months, and explained why he took a break from it.

Other than a selfie with Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins that he shared after the drummer died at the end of March, Erna's last post on his Instagram was in December of 2020. So, in a video he posted yesterday (Oct. 9), he shared details regarding his absence and talked a bit more about what's in store for Godsmack.

"I felt obligated to give you somewhat of an explanation on why I chose to dip out for a while. And it's mainly because after the world tipped itself upside down a few years ago, and I started noticing every normal person had a professional political view and every celebrity, all of a sudden, was a medical expert in COVID — which I think is so wrong, because they're scaring people one way or the other — I chose to take the position of, I'm an entertainer. I get paid to entertain, therefore that's what I'm gonna focus my efforts on to create as much great music and videos and content for you people as I can," the singer elaborated.

Erna then touched a bit on Godsmack's upcoming album plans, though he wouldn't reveal the title or release date yet.

"What I will tell you is in the 30 years I've been with this band, I don't think once have I ever said in an interview or to a friend that this new music is the best work we've ever done. I know a lot of artists say that every record they put out, 'This is the best work we've ever done.' I'm just gonna tell you that this is the best fucking work we've ever done. I mean, it is packed with great melodies, really big hooks. And what I love about it the most is it tells the story of our journey and our career," he shared.

As a result of the subject matter and the fact that the band believes it may be their last full album, the vocalist admitted that it's been an emotional record to make. However, as he's already clarified, they aren't breaking up. The rockers plan to continue touring and organizing a "greatest hits" type of tour so that fans can continue to see them play and hear their favorite songs live.

"So we encourage you to go out and get this record when it comes out and listen to it from to back because it really is great. And it gave us closure. And because of that is why I feel that this could be the last of the music."

Check out the frontman's full video below, and their latest single "Surrender" here.

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