Godsmack's new song "Surrender" arrived earlier this week, with a new album announcement expected shortly. But for some time this year, singer Sully Erna has been discussing the possibility that this could be the band's final album release. Now in a discussion with Minneapolis/St. Paul's 93X host Pablo (as heard below), Erna has offered some clarification on those comments and how it pertains to the band's future.

Back in April, Erna suggested that the end of their recording career may be near, telling 101.1 WJRR, I've gotta tell you, this might be the last one for us — it might be the last record for us." It's a comment that he's reiterated in other interviews since.

But speaking more in depth about what this means, he tells Pablo, "This is the last record we're ever gonna do. This is the last run around the mill for us. We put every single ounce of energy and emotion into this album. Especially for me, when I wrote a lot of these songs, it was about my life journey. That's really what the sequence of this album becomes about. Not that it was planned that way, but this really kind of mystical thing happened where I felt like the universe wrote this record."

That said, Erna reveals that while this may be their last record, there's no intent of Godsmack breaking up after the touring and support for the album are complete.

"I wanna make sure people are clear about what we're saying here," Erna adds. "I'm not saying that the band may be breaking up. What I'm saying is I think this may be the last body of work you get musically from the band. And it's because we're in this place in our lives right now where we've done a lot of work over the last three decades. Without sounding egotistical, which we're not trying to do, we're at 27 Top 10 singles, 11 Number Ones. We could literally do back-to-back nights in an arena and play 15 songs a night and never play the same single twice, let alone the 'B' cuts."

He continues, "We started thinking, when we were in that thought process, why are we in here grinding all the time and doing this new music when we wanna just also know that we've never stopped in the 25 years we've been touring. We'd like to be able to enjoy our lives, our family, our houses, the things that we've earned over the years that we've sacrificed. So I think the balance for that, the happy medium, is to be able to just go out there now and continue to do live shows and put the greatest-hits show together."

He concludes, "I don't know what we're gonna do after this record. And it doesn't make sense to continue to do music. It really feels complete in a good way, in a positive way. We feel like we've honored our career, our relationships with our fans, and we're always gonna be there for them; we're gonna do shows. But as far as to continue this, after this [album], unless we just decide one day, 'Yeah, one more for the road,' I think this could be it for us with new music."

The first step toward the band's supposed final album is the song "Surrender" that arrived earlier this week. Full details of the complete album are still forthcoming.

Godsmack's Sully Erna Talks With 93X's Pablo

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