If we gotta wear masks, why NOT be an adorable red panda or fierce tiger AND support John Ball Zoo at the same time?

The Grand Rapids zoo shared on Facebook that they are selling selling animal mouth and animal print face masks that come in kid and adult sizes.

Feeling slow? Our sloth mask is perfect! Feeling spicy? Our red panda masks will have you feeling like Wasabi! Feeling feisty? Be a tiger! Feeling a bit more padded with the extra snacking? Our penguin masks will match your waddle!

The double layer masks are re-usable and washable.

John Ball Zoo says the masks are available for pre-order here. They'll be available starting May 18. You can pick-up at the zoo's gift shop, do a curbside pickup, or have them mailed to you.

I definitely need the tiger mask... and the red panda... OK, I probably need them all -- so cute!

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