Climate change is not political...its science and its affecting the Great Lakes.

According to WOOD, scientists are released a report that specifically says that Great Lakes region is warming faster than the rest of the entire United States. Scientists predict this kind of warming will likely bring flooding and more extreme weather. You can expect more heat waves and drought over time.

Universities located in the Midwest and their research teams combined for an annual report that is claiming that there will be less overall snowfall even as lake effect snowstorms get larger and larger. So basically bigger storms but less of them.

The report indicates that you can expect more severe algae blooms in the Great Lakes. Unfortunately this will cause unsafe water conditions for swimming and costs will skyrocket for having to treat algae areas.

Farmers will take the biggest hit. More heavier spring rains will cause flooding and either delaying planting or losing fields for the season all together. More dry spells will cause more irrigation and depending on how dry it gets, more problems could be caused if there is a shortage of water.

 All the coasts of Michigan, surrounding states and Canada will experience more erosion to beaches, dunes and shorelines.

If you would like to take a closer look at the report, just click here.

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