Drive-through employees probably think they've seen it all when it comes to annoying or just crazy customers, but this girl is here to order her food on a more positive note! 

South Carolina teen, Cecily Hennigan, loved the "McDonald's Drive-Thru Song" originally posted to YouTube byTodrick Hall back in 2010 and decided now was the best time to do it herself!

Hennigan pulls up to the drive-thru, warns she has a long order and just bursts into song.

She has a really pretty voice, the song is fun, and even the employee at the drive-through loved it, shouting "that was so good!" through the intercom! 

Hennigan's version of the song was definitely really great but neither will ever hold a McFlurry to the "Drive Through Rap" from 2006! 

Source: ABC 15 News (WPDE)