Above is a recent performance from Ghost on French TV of one of the new songs, 'From the Pinnacle to the Pit', track two on the new album, Meliora. Skip past the dude talking about whatever in French, and the song starts about 1:02 in. There's also an interview with a Nameless Ghoul after the song.

Ghost is a freaking cool band from Sweden that's been growing a huge group of fans around the world, for their music, and their unique presentation. They dress as members of the Church, and their singer is called Papa Emeritus. (They're on their third Papa Emeritus, too...same guy, different masks.)

Their music is a 70s throwback prog-rock-metal sound, that's really evolved on the newest album, Meliora. The album came out on August 21st, and is freaking awesome. You've heard a version of the song 'Cirice' here on WGRD the last few weeks or so, and the video is below.

Crank it up, and enjoy!

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