Today (5/21) would've been Olga Loizon's 93rd birthday and if you're wondering who that is... only one of Michigan's greatest... the founder of Olga's Kitchen.

To celebrate the late Olga's birthday, the restaurant is giving away free food at all of their locations around the state, this includes the one at the Woodland Mall in Grand Rapids.

If you stop at Olga's and order a meal you'll get two free sides (of your choice) with it. The items to choose from are: The Olga Salad, Seasoned Curly Fries or a cup of Olga’s famous Peasant or Broccoli Soup. You honestly can't go wrong with any of them but the curly fries are some of the best. The free sides only apply for dine-in customers. You might as well order yourself an Orange Cream Cooler while you're at it.

Each restaurant will also have inspiration cards for you to fill out and will then be hung on the walls to show all those who have been inspired by Olga & women around the world.

Olga's Kitchen has 27 locations around Michigan and was founded in 1970. Olga Loizon, a Birmingham native, died this past January.

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