They say the early bird gets the worm, that also might be the case for deer hunters looking to get that big buck by getting a head start on your set up.

I wish I didn't have so much landscaping to do this weekend and next, because all this cool weather we are having makes it a whole lot better when putting up tree stands in the summer months. Not to mention the drought we have been having has really kept the mosquitos away but after the rain this weekend, I have a feeling the mosquitos will return.

If you have the time and you know an area where a big buck or two is passing through, this is a good time to get your stand up. The temperatures are cool, mosquitos are low and this will give plenty of time for your scent to go away.

Bucks are in bachelor groups right now and tend to feed together for the next six to eight weeks before they begin to break down into smaller groups before archery season begins.

The nice thing for me, is where I live is where I hunt so I can monitor my are area all year long without having to disturb my areas by walking in them or riding my ATV.

Since I've hunting this place for a while, I have finally determined where the deer walk all year long, not just during hunting season. Yes hunting season can shift deer movements because of other hunters, but in my case there are five areas I know that I needs stands at.

When I put up my first stand my neighbor said, why are you putting it here because there were more likely spots to shoot a deer. From my hunting experience, I like to observe an area to learn about it before I put stands everywhere. Even if I don't get a deer, if I spend a season learning the area, it will pay dividends down the road.

Last year I added 2 more stands and after hunting the four that I have up I learn I was being a bit too cautious on getting too close to where the deer were coming in and out.

Before season starts, I need to move three stands and put two more up and I will have the place pretty staked out where I know deer will move. The different locations will allow me to hunt different types of wind and keep my scent to a minimum.

I have one stand that I won't be moving and this year I may even save it until the rut I know this is a key area and I don't want to spook any nice deer like I did last year early in the season.

I have one spot I have to put up a tripod stand which I really hate but there is just not a straight enough or big enough tree to set up a ladder stand there. There area is really thick so it will be easier to camouflage the tripod stand there. I still prefer to be higher up but sometimes you have to make do with the situation.  Actually this will be a stand I will hunt early in the season since it will be in an area where I won't be crossing their paths and allow me to be able to hunt with my son since it will be enclosed.

I'm shifting two stands about 50 to 75 yards each and I have one more stand that is already built and ready to go that will need to go up and I think I will be good to go.

I have one more spot I want to put a stand but that one is going to have to wait until next year.

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