Can you believe Big Boy has been around for 84 years? It's a Michigan staple and a part of a lot of our lives growing up. So many memories come to mind when I think of Big Boy... having breakfast there on Sundays after church with the family; blowing bubbles into my chocolate milk; the booths; it even reminds me of a former boss and his love for their clam chowder soup, which was displayed all over his chin.

But one of the main things that Big Boy is known for is the iconic double decker "Big Boy" burger. On Wednesday, August 26th, the restaurant chain is celebrating their 84th anniversary and as part of that celebration you can get a burger for only 84¢ with the purchase of any Pepsi product.

The deal is going on at all Michigan locations and is valid for curbside pickup or carryout only. Big Boy has the following West MI locations: Cedar Springs, Grand Rapids, Greenville, Wayland, Wyoming, and South Haven.

The big boy burger is described as:

two fresh seasoned beef patties with american cheese, shredded lettuce and our famous big boy® sauce on a sesame seed bun

Mmm. Sounds so yummy! The nice thing is, you can get as many burgers as you want as long you order a Pepsi product for each. I'd like to think I can order two or three burgers but at that point I'd go be past just a food coma LOL.

The promotion is for this Wednesday only so consider lunch or dinner (or both!) already taken care of.

Is it weird that I actually tried to do this math problem?

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