A brand new app is changing the landscape of West Michigan starting with ArtPrize exhibits at The B.O.B.  The app (GeLo Tours) provides detailed, on demand information for all of the art installations inside of The B.O.B.  Simply turn on the app and wander around inside the building.  As you approach a piece of art in the building, the app grabs information about the installation and displays it on your iPhone.  It's like you have a personal tour guide while browsing the art in The B.O.B.!

GeLo is making it's official debut in conjunction with ArtPrize 2013 and they had this to say in their press release:

At The B.O.B., iPhone users will be able to download the GeLo app and automatically receive information at over 100 pieces of art. The Grand Rapids Public Museum will feature over a dozen GeLo Beacons along with a children's scavenger hunt called “GeLo Hunt.”

I had a chance to use the app while inside The B.O.B. and it is the perfect way to get information about the art you are looking at on demand, without fiddling around with your phone.  It's as easy as walking up to a painting or sculpture and looking down at your phone!  And, the best part of all, it's free!

To learn more about the GeLo app, be sure to check it out at the iTunes store or visit their website.

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