Today on Segment 16, the guys talk about poor living conditions for the new producer Justin, Joe's horrible living conditions, and how the two can be merged into one amazingly horrible apartment of evil and suffering. Then the subject of EGR came up, and Hot Wings finally let go of all the anger and hatred that's been seething inside of him for...geese.

The new guy, Justin, has been staying in a hotel across the street until he can find somewhere to rent, and he's not having an easy time of it. Of course the guys have a million horrible ideas on where he can live.

They tell the stories of the places Joe has lived, and his first months working...oh, wait, since he wasn't getting paid, it wasn't work...interning for free on the show, and living in a disgusting room with a bathtub in the middle. The hobos, the bugs, the weird neighbors...this is what they're hoping for in Justin's rental life.

Then, the guys talk about East Grand Rapids' outdoor movie series, and how they have to try to one up the outside movies downtown. They're having it at a park in EGR by Reed's Lake, and this suddenly brought out an amazing amount of hatred and anger from Hot Wings.

Not about the park, or the movies...but about the geese! Who knew someone could hate a bird so much, that he'd claim that not only does the entire species "suck", but that "geese are the ISIS of birds"!

The segment with Hot Wings' rant starts about 14:02. Enjoy.