Geese are the ISIS of Birds – FBHW Segment 16 [Video]
Today on Segment 16, the guys talk about poor living conditions for the new producer Justin, Joe's horrible living conditions, and how the two can be merged into one amazingly horrible apartment of evil and suffering. Then the subject of EGR came up, and Hot Wings finally let go of all the anger and hatred that's been seething inside of him for...geese.
Apartment Fires and Cool Auctions – FBHW Segment 16 [Video]
Today on Segment 16, the guys talk about the apartment fire a while back that totaled $2Million in insurance claims, and now might cost some renters that sum! If only they hadn't tried to burn the hair off a squirrel with a blowtorch so they could cook it. I mean, isn't that everyone's first idea when thinking about cooking squirrel?
What Metalhead Ned Learned While Attending His First Open House
I live in a two-bedroom apartment in Grandville, with my wife and two cats. She has a lot of stuff, and so do I. We have tons of video games, lots of books, a 7-foot Master Chief statue, etc. In short, we are crammed into our tiny apartment and it's beginning to get stressful.