The stay at home order because of the Pandemic has created less demand for gasoline and prices continue to fall down at the pump.

According to WZZM, gas prices have been averaging around $1.53 across Michigan. This has been the states lowest average price on unleaded gasoline since 2016. Gas is actually $1.40 less than this very same time last year.

Some good news to come of this, medical workers and other essential workers are driving are saving money at the pump. Others who are laid off or even lost their jobs are saving money when they do have to go to the store.

COVID-19 has driven down the cost of crude oil because as people social distance, obey the stay at home orders the lack of demand for gas keeps pushing the prices down.

With three more weeks to go on the current stay at home order, less demand for gas will continue to drive the price down.

The average price per gallon in Grand Rapids is $1.48 but if you would like to check the prices in other towns across Michigan you can click here.


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