A French police sniper will probably be going back for a lesson in gun safety after accidentally shooting people during the French president's speech.While President Francois Hollande was inaugurating a stretch of railway
, a gunshot was heard, causing Hollande to briefly pause to make sure everyone was okay. Now, we're no experts here, but with all the bad things that have happened in France involving guns, we are kind of confused as to why they were not more concerned about it at first. It makes sense not to panic over something that could be nothing, but you can never be too sure!

Apparently the shot was fired when the officer was moving position on a roof with the gun’s safety off and accidentally fired the gun through the canvas tent where the event was going on. The bullet ended up back by the bar where it completely went through a waiters thigh and ended up in another person's calf. Nobody died and it's reported nobody will, so that's good!

The president then said he is sure it was a mistake and not malicious on the officer's part.

Always remember, safety first!

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