Today on Segment 16, the guys recall an evil and vicious attack Free Beer launched upon an unsuspecting local businessman, even though Gregg says he saved the guy's life. If you attack someone and then save them from the danger of yourself, did you really save their life? That's the question the guys try to answer.

Then, they react to a news story about recycling, and the hardships of getting it done in the home. I mean, it's so tough to throw things away in different bins! Is this pizza or cardboard? Is this a plastic bottle, or the family pet? Oh, and Grand Rapids may be running out of places to put all the trash collected!

Then, GRD's own AJ joins the guys to talk about mental health awareness and the Be Nice Project, something very close to his heart. He's also emcee and in the band performing at this weekend's Stomp Out Stigma event.