Here's a mother of the year candidate right here!

Patricia Denault, a mother in Longwood, Fla., is a bad mother. And never has it been easier to determine that someone is unfit to raise children than this case here.

A while back, Denault came home from a rough day and poured herself a shot of Fireball whiskey.

She thought it would be funny to share the booze, so she poured another shot for her 7-year-old son. As if that wasn't bad enough, she then posted a picture of her son taking a sip of the shot to Facebook.

Not surprisingly, this came back to haunt her.

While mom thought that it was "funny," the three police officers who visited her home did not. Someone saw the picture on Facebook and alerted the police. Denault was arrested and charged with child neglect, WKMG TV reported.

She says she's hiring a lawyer to fight the charges.

Good luck with that. This seems like a pretty open and shut case to us!

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