Can a bigger bullet be LESS life threatening?

In this case, yes, it can.

A former police officer who was tired of seeing people get shot developed this cartoonishly large bullet, KGTV-TV reported.

Alternative Ballistics
' The Alternative is meant to save people from being shot. It's a device that slips over the end of your gun and, when fired, instead of a traditional bullet coming out, this big lunker flies through the air at the bad guy. It travels about a fifth the speed of a regular bullet.

Now don't get the idea that this thing just stings a bit. It's pretty brutal.

Officials compare it to "being hit in the chest by a Major League Baseball pitcher with a hammer," which is a confusing way to say that it hurts like hell.

So far, only one police department in the country has been testing out the new device: Ferguson, Missouri.

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