This story is all sorts of pathetic.

Everyone knows that guy that goes to the strip club a little too much. Robert Wallace, a 32-year-old from Houston, is that guy.

He was a regular at a strip club called Treasures, and a big fan of a stripper named Nomi.

This is where the stories start to differ a bit, KRIV-TV Fox 26 reports.

Nomi says that they were "just friends."

Wallace says that they were in a dating relationship, but have since broken up.

Since the "relationship" has now ceased, Wallace is now seeking $2,000 that he loaned to Nomi, as well as a laptop computer and DVDs.

But Nomi "doesn't believe in loans" and insists that everything given to her was done so as a gift.

This story is just incredible. We actually feel bad for poor Robert.

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