The owner of Dago Joe's food truck in Detroit is getting some heat for an item on his menu -- at least for its description.

A customer was recently offended when reading Dago Joe's menu, seeing the description for the cheese sticks -- which read "Not just breaded; they're battered, like your wife."

Not surprisingly, Dago Joe's owner, Joe Sciamanna, who proudly displays "battered like your wife" on his menu, does not appear to be the smartest guy in the world.

When Dahl first approached, you could tell he was excited about the chance of getting a little publicity. But once he realized there were not there for happy chat, he clammed up a bit.

When asked about the menu description, Sciamanna told WXYZ-TV: "It was just a joke. We're not joking about battered women; we're just joking about the battered mozzarella sticks."

Good luck with that one.

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