Unfortunately, we hear about cops abusing their power far too often.

This case is no different, but it is also completely different at the same time.

A former school district officer in the Houston area has been accused of a definite abuse of power, but not in the traditional sense.

In August, officer Patrick Quinn pulled a woman over about 3 a.m. She said that she was not speeding or swerving, but the officer told her that her insurance card was expired and her car smelled like marijuana.

While she sat in the back of his police car, Quinn proceeded to search her car and claimed he found drug paraphernalia, which she also denied. That's when things got weird, KTRK-TV and KRIV-TV reported.

Quinn allegedly told the woman that he would let her go if he could smell and lick her feet. Yup, Quinn's got a foot fetish.

And, perhaps more surprisingly, the woman was going to oblige. However, at the last second, Quinn changed his mind and let her go.

Quinn is being charged with two criminal counts of official oppression and is currently out on bond.

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