If MacGyver had ever decided to use his talents for evil instead of good, this is what he'd come up with.

A homeowner in suburban Boston was selling one of his Milton, Mass., rental properties and called in an electrician for some work.

While at the home, the electrician noticed some wiring that didn't look quite right behind a freshly-repaired wall. Sensing that things were a bit off, the police and then the bomb squad were called in to investigate.

Behind the wall, they found what they believe to be an explosive device that had been designed to detonate when a light switch was flipped, Boston's WBZ-TV reported. Luckily, it was disarmed.

Authorities suspect former tenants of the home. They had also recently poured concrete down the drains in the home, WBZ-TV reported.

It appears as though there was some troubles between the tenants and the landlord.

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