For about a month now, The Discovery Channel has been promoting a show titled "Eaten Alive," where conservationist Paul Rosolie was supposedly going to be eaten by a massive, 20-something-foot-long anaconda somewhere in the Amazon River basin in South America.

Surely, that could not be something that would be televised, right? Well, it aired Sunday night and, needless to say, it was very underwhelming.

About an 1½ hours into the two-hour special, Rosolie and his team finally tracked down a 20-foot anaconda.

Rosolie then donned a carbon fiber suit and a bunch of gear that would supposedly make it impossible for the snake to crush him and keep him protected from the snake's caustic stomach acids.

The goal was to be consumed by the snake and then for the snake to regurgitate him. Well, that didn't happen.

SPOILER ALERT: The snake grabbed on to Rosolie and coiled up around him. It began to squeeze him, which seems like it would be terrifying. But when it came to actually consuming Rosolie, yeah, that never happened. The snake appeared to be interested in doing that, but Rosalie's massive carbon fiber helmet proved to be way too big for the snake to wrap around. Then, the whole thing came to an end when his arm was being crushed, causing him to tap out. His team quickly jumped in and was able to pull the snake off of him.

If you DVR'd it, don't bother. Just watch the three-minute clip below and save yourself the other 1 hour and 57 plus minutes.

And now, for a good laugh, check out what people are saying about "Eaten Alive" on Twitter.

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