This Afroman concert incident video is shocking for quite a few reasons.

It's shocking because:

  • Afroman, famous only for his 2001 hit "Because I Got High," still tours.
  • Afroman still tours and has more than five people in the crowd.
  • Afroman plays guitar.
  • Afroman struck a woman on stage with a mean right hook IN THE FACE!

According to TMZ, Afroman was escorted off stage in Biloxi, Miss., shortly after by police and arrested for assault.

A representative for Afroman claims it was a reaction and that Afroman thought it was someone who had been heckling him, though we're not sure that's a just defense.

Afroman later apologized for the punch and claimed that he's seeking anger management, but it's going to be hard to recover from this one.

Source: Free Beer & Hot Wings