Miyo Koba, the 89-year-old owner of Frank's Market in Moses Lake, Wash., got a bit of a surprise Sunday morning when she walked from the back of the store up to the cash register.

A sword-wielding robber was standing behind the cash register, attempting to open it. When he demanded that Koba open the register, this sweet little old lady simply declined and instead grabbed a pair of scissors and threatened to stab him.

This irritated the robber, so he pulled out a THREE-FOOT SWORD and waved it in her face. Koba, unphased by the sword, grabbed a golf club and managed to wrestle him to the ground and hit him a few times, KREM-TV reported.

The guy stumbled out of the store after grabbing the cash register and rode away on his bike. Police later recovered his clothes, sword and the cash register, but the robber is still at-large.

Well done, Miyo. Way to kick some ass!

Source: Free Beer & Hot Wings