Today on Segment 16, the Free Beer and Hot Wings guys discuss all the lesser-known gambling options available for the Super Bowl. There's always the usual stuff, like coin-toss, points scored, winner, and all that, but did you know you can also bet on the color of the Gatorade that's dumped on the winning coach?

One of my favorites is the odds on whether someone will catch fire during the halftime show!

IT'S FREAKING COLDPLAY! Do you really think they're...wait, it's Coldplay...they'd need the excitement of someone bursting into flames during their show. Otherwise, it'll just be a half-hour snoozefest for the entire country...I think I might take that bet!

Does that make me a bad person, that now I'm actually rooting for someone to accidentally catch fire during the halftime show? Preferably one of the Coldplay guys?

I know the answer to that...and I'm sorry.

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