Without Free Beer in the building, Segment 16 is a bit awkward at the beginning, but the guys powered through it and covered a lot of stuff. Harbaugh's sleepover recruiting tour, and the reception from other coaches is just how they kicked things off.

They also delved into Joe's lies (or truths?) about his streets not having been plowed or salted yet this season, and he claims he's driving on a sheet of ice to get home. They even get advice from a caller on how to get the plows to come within 24 hours. (Not something we'd recommend, probably.)

Don't forget to buy your Live at Night tickets before they're all gone, and Zane has a problem navigating the Ticketmaster website, as the guys attempt to compare their ticket sales against several other upcoming DeVos Place shows. Neil Degrasse Tyson is kicking their ass in ticket sales, the guys are dominating Jethro Tull, and no one cares about the Tyler Perry show.

Okay, and they made fun of me again, but I'm getting used to it...sniff...and it doesn't hurt much anymore.

Something got in my eye, it's nothing...I'll be over here...um, cleaning it out...

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