This is definitely not the type of news we want to wake up to.

Every year, Orkin releases the "Top 50 Bed Bug Cities" and unfortunately Michigan seems to be crawling with them as four cities in the state have made the list.

  • Detroit (#8)
  • Grand Rapids (#20)
  • Lansing (#32)
  • Flint (#47)

Lansing wasn't even on the list last year while Detroit and Flint have dropped in rankings. However, Grand Rapids moved up on the list three spots from 2018.

The results are based on bed bug treatments that Orkin performed in metro areas between December 1, 2017, & November 30, 2018. An entomologist with the company says

Bed bugs are the number one urban pest in many cities today.

And they are always on the go! They will attach to anything including purses, luggage, and clothing. And despite what people think, being clean/dirty doesn't necessarily have anything to do with an infestation... they go where the people are.

According to Orkin, a female bed bug can lay anywhere from 2-5 eggs per day (gross!) so treatment is imperative as soon as you notice one. Some tips to prevent bed bugs include:

  • Inspect your mattress, baseboards, outlets and picture frames regularly.
  • Decrease clutter
  • Wash any [infested] fabric, linens or stuffed animals in the hottest temperature
  • When traveling remember the acronym S.L.E.E.P
    - Survey the hotel room
    - Lift and look in hiding spots
    - Elevate luggage away from wall and bed
    - Examine luggage carefully before leaving and once you get home
    - Place clothing in the dryer for 15 minutes on the highest setting

And if you're wondering what cities have it the worst these are the top 5:

  1. Baltimore
  2. Washington, D.C.
  3. Chicago
  4. Los Angeles
  5. Columbus, Ohio


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